How Can I Stop Online Pharmacy Spam? An Answer From Semalt Expert

If you have the email ID, you might receive private messages from the online pharmacies or superstores plugging Cialis or Viagra. Regardless of your gender, the spammers will keep sending you false messages and hope to reel in lots of customers every day. Emails are a cheap way to communicate with others, so the companies make profits even when they sell only a few things. The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) has warned that individuals who buy things online might get counterfeit Cialis or Viagra that is potentially dangerous or useless.

It is not possible to stop the spammers. However, you can block their messages with these simple steps stipulated by Alexander Peresunko, a leading specialist from Semalt.

Step#1: Create the new email ID:

Creating a brand new email ID is good. The Federal Trade Commission has advised that we should select an unusual and username so that the spammers and online pharmacies are not able to send us odd messages. They often send lots of emails to the list of common usernames, and your username and password should be strong so that no one can guess them.

Step#2: Notify all the legitimate contacts:

Once you have created another email address, you should notify your reliable contacts about your new ID. Request them not to tell anyone about your new email ID and not to send the chain emails. Plus, they should not share your ID with the referral sites, social media networks or another unknown party. Almost all online pharmacies create lots of mailing list from the data entered by individuals who believe that are favoring you by referring you to the special offers and deals.

Step#3: Change the settings of your email address:

You should set the email accounts to delete the email containing any spam version of terms "Cialis" and "Viagra." That can be done by creating the rules that check all incoming emails and personal messages. The online pharmacies and spammers use wrong spellings in their messages such as "Vi@gra" and "Cia!!s" to trick the spam filters. If you receive an email with such words at your new ID, you should add them to the rules, so the messages are deleted immediately. If you receive spam emails with such words at the new email ID, you should add them to the rules that eliminate them quickly.

Step#4: Buy products from reputable websites and companies:

You should always buy things from the reputable companies and legitimate websites. Anyone will quickly create the legitimate-looking business websites. Some of them are forefronts for gathering your email addresses, credit card details and personal information, while the others want to generate revenues with your purchases. The online pharmacies and spammers will target you if you insert your information and private details on the fraudulent sites. Thus, you should be stick with the established and famous online companies such as,,, Walmart, and Target.

Tips and Warnings:

You should never click on the "unsubscribe" button of spam plugging Cialis or Viagra. The messages will claim that opening those links will remove your email ID from their mailing lists, but they try to confirm that your email address is active and correct. According to McAfee, the messages will bomber your inbox, and the online pharmacies will urge you to buy their products.

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